Diamondback Bikes

FTC marketing has been tapped by Diamondback Bikes - one of the world's largest bike companies - to create unique and original content for 2015. We'll be shooting videos, curating web content, and spending lots of time with their athletes and consumers to tell their stories.

Dirt Magazine & Dirt TV

From the Chairlift has partnered with Jasper Wesselman Media and Dirt to bring a behind-the-scenes look at mountain biking's most prolific athletes. Beyond the Bike will be a 12 month effort that explores why the athletes ride, how they got to the elite level, and what keeps them going when they're not on the bike.

Williams-Helde Marketing

Williams-Helde is a marketing firm in Seattle with clients across all industries. FTC has been hired on a contract basis to help with a project geared toward the active/healthy lifestyle sector.

Mervin Manufacturing

From the Chairlift spent a week with the crew from Mervin Manufacturing assisting on their 2016 soft goods and outerwear catalog photo shoot.

Bike Magazine 

Bike Magazine is the premier mountain bike magazine worldwide. From the Chairlift is excited to contribute freelance selections to the magazine.


Pinkbike.com is one of the world's largest action sports websites with a focus on the mountain bike industry. From the Chairlift Marketing regularly contributes content to the site.

Project 529

Project 529 is an ambitious startup out of Portland, Oregon. They're taking on bike thieves with a vengeance and have implemented pilot programs at the University of Oregon, the University of Washington, and several other large-scale businesses in the Pacific Northwest. From the Chairlift is helping to run their Seattle crusade and spread the word that bike thieves have been put on notice.

Fanatik Bike Co.

Fanatik Bike Co. is one of the web's leading high-end mountain bike retailers. We've partnered with Fanatik to help grow their brand presence across the mountain bike community and beyond the Northwest limits.

Z Girls

Z Girls is a company whose mission is is to empower girls with confidence, courage, and community. They do this through sports training initiatives lead by elite female athletes. From the Chairlift was on hand to document their largest gathering to date. Check out the resulting video in our Thoughts from the Chairlift page.

NW Cup Race Series

The NW Cup race series is the largest downhill mountain bike race series in the United States. Featuring the infamous Underworld Cup, the NW Cup brings together the world's most elite downhill riders with the Pacific Northwest's most passionate bikers. From the Chairlift marketing is tasked with growing sponsorship partners for the upcoming 2014 season. With a larger sponsor reach and greater funding we'll be able to offer better prizing for both pros and amateurs as well as expand our market reach through our new partners.

mad march racing

Mad March Racing

Mad March Racing is an international mountain bike development program. The trainees range from new to advanced mountain bikers as well as IMBA instructor training. From the Chairift is helping MMR with brand development and communications on upcoming programs and events

Bicycle Blue Book

Bicycle Blue Book is a new startup focusing on valuing bikes for resale and helping people buy and sell bikes. From the Chairlift Marketing has been tasked with growing their social presence on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as of late October, 2013.